The Little House at Red Oaks Ranch

established in 2016

Hi, we are Mike and Sally Shelton of Red Oaks Ranch in Tuscola, TX.  

About two years ago we retired and decided to pursue our dream of living in the country. We looked at many locations around Texas but quickly fell in love with very special and unique Buffalo Gap area. 

Buffalo Gap has more of a Texas Hill Country spirit than a West Texas one. Since moving here we spend our time constantly improving the property.

We have new fencing, a massive garden that grows more tomatoes than we can eat, and gorgeous outdoor lighting that highlights our beautiful landscaping.

We've also acquired three Longhorns (Mama, Junior, and Aunt Jane) and soon will be introducing two horses. Our three dogs (Jenny, Tank and Ace) love it here, but what's not to love? They enjoy herding the deer and turkeys that greet us every morning and every sunset (sometimes we count over 50 at a time!)

We've also completely remodeled our Little House, and are excited to offer to friends and guests. It's extremely peaceful, with many windows and ample room for a lovely getaway. We look forward to hosting your stay so you can enjoy some Rest & Relaxation!